Fitment and how it works

Power O2 is clamped on the exhaust manifold ( pipe ) of the engine at a point nearest to the exhaust manifold after 3 inches/ or8 centimeter for induction of heat …no drilling or boring ( Simply to be clamped with our special designed clamp which take 2/3mins). The OEA generated inside the adopter is injected through a metal braided hose into the air intake pipe of cars/ or Bus/trucks or through( air cleaner in case there is no other intake ). For Petrol / Diesel /CNG etc engine vehicles through the air cleaner suction hole as shown on the fitments at the ventury point on the fitment video From the nozzle injector at ventury point to make a trajectory so that the OEA is directed towards and nearest to the combustion chamber and enters it in its concentrated form.. with much more force than the normal air is sucked in for combustion.

Return on investment for vehicle owner:

1) Direct benefit of fuel savings anywhere from 10% to 40% depending on the vehicle condition and driving skills.
2) Due to longer engine life lesser maintenance costs.
3) Smoother drive
4) Better pick up
5) Driving at low speeds on top gear
6) Reduced emissions so that the vehicles confirms to the stringent emission norms in force up to BHARAT VI/ EURO VI

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