companies and plans to conducts business worldwide with a sound network of marketing companies to market our products to the valued customers globally.
We want to get involved in virtually every facet of the energy saving & generation of power industry in coming days as fast as we can with support of like minded group/companies/ institutions in every corner of the world. We will explore the market with our 8 patented technologies (additionally ) some are in process for, produce and manufacture and sell products; generate power and produce & provide energy efficiency solutions; and develop the energy resources of the future from only green & clean technologies

In India alone there are about 1 core heavy vehicles like buses and trucks which can be fitted with power o2. this turnonver alone will be rs.15000 crores. Add to that crores of cars and light commercial vehicles. In addition to this gensets and other areas of internal combustion engines are also a big market. Unlimited market potential the world over. Billion dollar business.

Company Roots

We are group of Dedicated professionals with practical experience for exploring the possibilities to substantial saving of fuel with our developed technologies of this millennium & generation of Power with our Developed clean technologies

Global Scope

we want to establish our global network of business with diverse & highly skilled workforce who will be guided by our effective planning & its proper implementation with installation centers for our valued customers