OXY POWER ENVIROTECH LLP is one of the world's soon to be recognized company FOR ITS CONTRIBUTION for Save energy.

POWER O2 Providing outstanding Clean Energy Technologies with a target to Save substantially all types of fuel in Internal Combustion Engines for Global Benefits for high cost of fuel in this hard Days of Fuel Crunch & other green Technologies for cheapest Power generation commercially by development of output of minimum 6 times more than the convention windmill with lesser space for Power Generation Plant which can be installed with minimum land/space at any place or city for consumption

Environment and Safety

As a company and as individuals We also care about the environment & want to safeguard it with your valued support. We take great pride to serve & in contributing to the world communities where we live and work with focus for safety to children’s health for our future generation. We are committed to the environment friendly & a green Clean world by 2025 with advanced technologies from us.

Our Work

We understand & recognize that the world needs all the energy & to find newer, cleaner ways to power the world. We are confident that with our technologies we will contribute in every potential form to masses.